Clone Wars Challenge

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clone_wars_cg is an icon challenge based off of the Star Wars Clone Wars cartoons. The maintainers and banner makers for this community are heatherquee and brighty11. If you would like to help as a mod, give ideas for future challenges or make banners or affiliate just comment, to this thread.

Each week a challenge will be put up and with each challenge either pictures will be provided or a theme will be given. The challenge will start on Monday and the entry deadline will end on Friday night and voting will commence on Saturday morning to Monday night.

* You may use brushes and textures.
* Animation is allowed.
* Icons need to be at LJ standards: 100x100 or smaller, 40kb or smaller and GIF, JPEG, and PNG.
* All comments will be screened
* Do not post your icons until after the weekly challenge is finished.
* Do not vote for yourself.
* Do not ask others to vote for you.
* Two icons may be posted per member.


*Layout made by heatherquee